Project Jardins Santé à Bruxelles/Brussels Health Gardens

Brussels Health Gardens for health promotion, disease prevention and city resilience

“Jardins Santé à Bruxelles” est un projet citoyen de Co-Création pour la promotion de la santé, prévention des maladies et construction  de la ville résiliente.

“Brussels Health Gardens” is citizens collaborative research project for health promotion, disease prevention and city resilience.

The goal of the project “Brussels Health Gardens” is to study holistically urban health gardens as complex urban ecosystems which provide multiple benefits to human health. The health gardens are spaces for the exchange, fostering and safeguarding traditional, local, bio-cultural and ethnobotanical knowledge and health practices.

Project construction is supported by the Brussels Institute for Research and Innovation Innoviris which is promoting Co-Create Actions while encouraging citizens to set up research projects based on their questions, concerns and needs to ensure a resilient future of the city.

“Brussels Health Gardens” project brings together the citizens of Brussels, researchers, associations and the world of business to build together resilient  and sustainable health systems.

Contact persons and project coordinators: Dr. Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri and Sugir Selliah

E-mail : and

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Ginkgo biloba L. at Campus de la Plaine, next to the Building A, 7 November 2019,  © Vitalija Povilaityte-Petri

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